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GeorgeTown Vineyard - Central Otago

GeorgeTown Vineyard

A visit to GeorgeTown Vineyard has the feeling of stepping back in time and arriving at some yet to be discovered vineyard gem. First planted in 2002, Ian Dee and his wife Marianne bought the vineyard when the vines were ready to start producing their first fruit.

The location has a special feel to it it, huddled on the edge of the Kawarau Gorge with a unique tasting room within which 4 tasters will make a comfortable crowd. The tasting facility is an old, stone miner's hut that is one of the few remnants of when GeorgeTown was a bustling gold mining hamlet in the 1860's.

Like the tasting room facility, the Pinot Noir vines look different to others in the area. The vines are squat to the ground and closely planted to each other, hobbits would find it easier to harvest here than your average height person. Ian believes this Burgundian style of training results in more even growth, smaller bunches, less irrigation and smaller berries. Add to this a focused natural approach, and concentrated smooth, acclaimed wines are created.

The Pinot Noirs from GeorgeTown are proving to be very consistent, balanced and rich with consistently good tannin structure. The 2011 is a great example of a well structured Pinot Noir from a cooler vintage, while the 2012 is a tighter more concentrated wine worthy of longer cellaring. GeorgeTown also makes a delightful Rose from Pinot Noir.

Ian Dee harvesting at Georgetown Vineyard Central Otago

Removing the netting at Georgetown vineyard, Cromwell, Central Otago

Harvest time at Goergetown Vineyard Central Otago

While Pinot Noir is the only grape GeorgeTown grows, they are part of a small group of local, artisan winemakers. Visiting GeorgeTown you will normally get to taste 1-2 of the artisan group's wines as well as GeorgeTown's Pinot Noir.

Small Facts

  • First planted 2002 and 2003 by influential Oregon and Californian winemaker Gary Andrus
  • Vineyard purchased by Ian and Marianne Dee in 2006
  • Vineyard size 1.5 hectares
  • 100% Pinot Noir with 5 different clones to add complexity ( clones 114, 5, 777, 667 and 115)

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Arriving at Georgetown vineyard, Central Otago

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