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Greystone Vineyard - Waipara

Greystone Vineyard

Greystone’s first wines were grown on the banks of the Waipara River and in 2004 a strategic move was made to acquire land in the Omihi foothills. Here the slopes are sunny, north facing and with predominantly limestone and clay soils, seen as ideal for making premium wines. Work then began to create the Greystone vineyard.

From the outset there was one goal; to realise exceptional wines from the unique terroir. By 2004, with the help of Viticulturist Nick Gill they’d planted thirteen blocks across the Omihi slopes. Dom Maxwell became their winemaker and a team was formed in the pursuit of realising the potential of this exceptional site. The north facing limestone hills slope down to clay – the perfect combination for growing wines with minerality and concentration.

As well as aiming to make exceptional wine, there is a strong philosophy at Greystone to only farm organically and live organically. To match that with the goal of making exceptional wines means hard work in the vineyard to ensure healthy vines, premium fruit and great wine.

In 2008 the first wine was released from Greystone Vineyard, and since then Greystone has continued to grow amid accolades and acclaim and is now recognised as one of New Zealand’s small, premium wineries.

Greystone Vineyard Top Block Waipara

Winemaker at Greystone Vineyard

Making wine at Greystone Vineyard

Small Facts

  • First vines planted in 2000
  • Vineyard size 51 Hectares
  • Move to Omihi Hills in 2004
  • 50% of production is Pinot Noir at Greystone
  • Muddy Water is an exceptional second organic vineyard owned by Greystone Vineyard
  • Interesting wines to try include the Greystone Syrah and Muddy Water Pinotage

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