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Terrace Edge Vineyard - Waipara

Terrace Edge Vineyard

Terrace Edge literally lies on the edge of a steep escarpment overlooking the Waipara River.

The soils are strikingly boney and it is a wonder that much grows at all. The main soil type is ancient Glasnevein Gravel, deep and free draining. Thousands of years of the predominant nor-west wind have also deposited small pockets of more fertile soils nearer the escarpment adding to the sites complexity.

Organically farmed since 2011, the Chapman family - Jill, Bruce and son Pete, truly believe by developing healthy, organic soils and meticulously managing the vines using naturally derived products, they can produce premium, high quality fruit.

Without question the Pinot Noir's are superb, dark coloured, complex and well structured, 2013 was a recent standout vintage worth trying.

The Pinot Gris is partly fermented in old oak and is also impressive with flavours of quince and baked stone fruits. Other interesting wines include a deep coloured and full bodied Syrah and a zesty Riesling, the Liquid Geographic.

Terrace Edge Vineyard Waipara

Small Facts

  • First vines planted in 2002
  • Vineyard size 13 Hectares
  • Located on the western side of the Waipara Valley near the 'Three Deans'
  • 33% of production is Pinot Noir
  • Experimental varieties include Viognier, Albarino, St Laurent

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