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Neudorf Vineyards - Nelson

Neudorf Vineyards

Neudorf Vineyard was first established by Tim and Judy Finn in the late 1970’s and was one of the first Nelson vineyards to branch out into the Moutere Hills, west of Nelson and the Waimea Plains. The Moutere Hills climate and soil composition was noticeably different to the Waimea Plains, temperatures weren't as hot, rainfall was slightly higher and the soils had a clay component mixed with rivers gravels.

Tim and Judy's original vision was to make 'beautiful' wines and specialise in Burgundian style Chardonnay. They believed, by planting in the Moutere Hills, the clay based soils would lend themselves to making wines with more structure. With temperatures cooler than neighbouring Marlborough region, typically 2-3° Celsius less, and long sunny autumns, Chardonnays could safely ripen over a longer period and develop greater phenolic flavours and complexity. All key factors in creating one of New Zealand’s premium, small vineyards.

Neudorf's most sought after wine is the Moutere Chardonnay. This stunning wine undergoes a natural wild yeast ferment, is hand-picked, whole bunch pressed, 20-30% is aged in new oak, then settled before bottling with minimal fining. The Moutere Chardonnay is one of New Zealand’s iconic Chardonnays with excellent pedigree and aging potential.

Neudorf’s second Chardonnay, previously labelled the ‘Nelson’ Chardonnay, is also an impressive and elegant wine in a lighter, tauter style. This Chardonnay now has a greater component of fruit from medium age, Moutere Hills vines (up to 25 years old) and is making a great name for itself in its own right.

Gardens at Neudorf Vineyard, Nelson, New Zealand

Tim Finn Neudorf Vineyards, Nelson

Wine Dog, Neudorf, Nelson

As well as several other premium white wines, including Pinot Gris and classy Riesling, Neudorf produces a range of well structure, elegant Pinot Noirs. The best of these includes Tom’s Block and the Moutere Pinot Noir.

Small Facts

  • Vines first planted in 1979
  • Vines planted with very high plant density (up to 5000 vines/hectare) increases competition and quality
  • Cropping levels kept low 1-2kg/vine for Pinot Noir)
  • A small flock of Suffolk sheep used for pasture management

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Barrels at Neudorf Vineyards, Nelson

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