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Richmond Plains Vineyard - Nelson

Richmond Plains Vineyard

Richmond Plains is one of New Zealand's pioneering and most passionate organic and biodynamic wine producers. Located on the Richmond Plains, near Nelson, they produced New Zealand’s first Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir made from certified Organic and Biodynamic grapes.

They believe in making great wines by working with nature in the vineyard environment. "By using organic and biodynamic methods we can truly express the vineyard’s character or terroir in the wines."

The climate around Nelson has also proved to be ideal for cool-climate wine growing as it is blessed with the longest number of sunshine hours in New Zealand. When combined with cool autumn nights and free-draining soils of ancient river beds this forms ideal grape growing conditions.

This temperate climate, moderated by the surrounding mountains and sea breezes of the Pacific Ocean, is perfect for producing the vibrant fruit driven white wines and well-structured, elegant red wines that Richmond Plains has become known.

Richmond Plain's logo is based around the 'Koru' or unfolding Fern Frond, symbolising a new beginning, unfolding life and growth. Just as each season brings new life to the vineyard and new wines to make, the flavours of previous wines are gently developing and unfolding as they mature.

In the vines, Richmond Plains, Nelson, New Zealand

Orgainc Composting, Richmond Plains, Nelson

Lars Jensen, Richmond Plains, Nelson

Meeting the team at Richmond Plains and hearing their Biodiversity Story is a fascinating and rewarding experience. Follow this up by tasting some of their iconic wines including a barrel fermented and aged Sauvignon Blanc, intensely fruity with a lively taut backbone and a delightful Blanc de Noir (Rose) which is fresh and lively with mouth-filling flavours of citrus and nectarines.

Small Facts

  • First planted in 1991
  • Organically farmed from inception
  • The first New Zealand vineyard to be certified full biodynamic by Demeter, May 27th 2008

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View across Richmond Plains, Nelson

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